is a leading company in the field of investment, consulting and exploitation of telecommunications infrastructures, information technology, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E), automation, and system integration solutions for civil projects in Vietnam. With more than 200 successful projects throughout Vietnam, ITECOM has become a reliable partner for contractors, construction companies, telecommunication service providers, producers, and vendors of electronics, mechanical, automation and telecommunication equipment from different countries. We are one of a few companies that can offer the most advanced fiber optic cable technology for high-rise buildings in Vietnam.

Our priority is providing well optimized and fully integrated solutions to create the most convenient environment for working, living and entertaining for our customers.

By 2012, along with achieving the leading position in the field of telecommunications, our capacity on the field of M&E, civil engineering, information technology, automation, and electrics has been confirmed by our customers. We have become a regular partner with high reputation of many "picky" investors and partners inside and outside Vietnam.

We strive to provide the best quality for our products and services, which bring the highest satisfaction to our clients.

Dzung Nguyen, (CEO, President)              

Customer benefits is our benefits

ITECOM invest the system for free

ITECOM performs enclosed process from surveying, designing, implementing to connecting, operating and maintaining the system.

The investor takes the role of supervisor in the whole process; all relating costs are covered by ITECOM.

Benefits to the building’s investors

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