ITECOM provides the diversified range of telecommunication services. Our business includes but not limited to Telecom Network Infrastructure Investment, Telecom Network Technical Services, Network Integration, and International Trade Services …..

1. Telecommunications and information infrastructure  investment and services: Design, optimization, equipment supply and construction

Through investment or EPC contracts, ITECOM provides customers with network infrastructure to use telecommunications and communications services:

  • In building coverage system: Improving mobile signal at any location inside the building. We can support large-scale wireless networks for calling applications, video and data packets streaming in the wireless mobile environment (3G). Our system can be connected to all existing mobile network operator (MNO) in Vietnam, including Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel, Vietnamobile, G-Tel (Beeline), EVN-Telecom and Sfone, as well as any new MNO in the future.
  • Telecomunications: Telephone system, intercom system, internal wireless system.
  • Internet and information technology: Broadband Internet Systems & Value added services, etc.
  • CATV: Cable Tivi System

2. System integration solutions: design, optimization, equipment supply and construction

We provide safety, security solutions, and applications for building management such as:

  • Integrated automatic control systems in buildings;
  • Integrated automatic control systems in apartments and villas;
  • Analog CCTV and network cameras systems(IP-CCTV);
  • Automatic Fire Alarm & Fire extinguishing systems;
  • Direct lightning strike and lightning spreading protection system ;
  • Access control and Timekeeping systems;
  • Audio/video door phone;
  • Parking management systems;
  • Power supply systems;
  • Air-conditioning systems;
  • Elevators & escalators;
  • Data management systems.

In communications sector, we provide:

  • PBX and PAPX for telephones;
  • Radio systems;
  • Public Announcement systems (PA);
  • Audio and video conference systems;
  • Network systems (WAN, LAN, VPN), Servers and Network infrastructure, Data Centers.

3. Telecom Network Engineering Services

ITECOM not only designs the mobile networks and provides technical support, but also participates in the necessary stages of the construction and exploitation of the system, which includes: consultancy, system integration, optimization and maintenance of the mobile network. We perform the following tasks:


  • ITECOM is one of the few companies licensed by the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications to perform test on the BTS of  MNOs,  including: measuring electromagnetic wave exposure, the safety of telecommunications equipment, the operational status of the BTS ,ect;
  • Mobile network optimization;
  • Maintenance of mobile networks;
  • Deployment of external network (construction, relocation,  telecommunications and information technology underground cabling);
  • Training and technology transfering.

Extensive understanding and experiences of ITECOM is the prerequisite to manage large and complex projects, with the participation of  network service provider s.

4. International Commerce

ITECOM is a strong partner with the ability to offer innovative products to the Vietnamese market. We import many of telecommunications network equipments, mechanical and electrical equipments, electronic and automation components from partners worldwide. In addition, with negotiating experiences, a deep and broad understanding of commerce and international market, we are also a  trusted fiduciary importer of several ministries in Vietnam.

5. Research and Development

In addition to our main products and services, we are doing research for production of various products and components that are not yet available in the market or not yet produced within Vietnam.